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Profin Aworx (Pty) Ltd strives to delivers a comprehensive bundle of services that are playing a very important role in every small and medium size organization. Not only are these services mainly required by law but also by the business owners to legally participate in formal trade. With formal trade being regulated more and more it become more and more of a burden on the business owner to comply with all the laws and regulations. With penalties and cost of non-compliance on the increase it is important for every successful business owner to have a partner that ensure his affairs are being looked after.

At Aworx we have made it our mission to serve the small and medium sized business community with the best advice and services to ensure that every small business become a giant one day.


Monthly accounting/bookkeeping

Our full function outsourced accounting service is tailor made to suit your business and your budget.
We implement new trusted accounting technologies where both accountant and client can access live data.

Management accounts

This service is for the business owner that requires accurate accounting information on a regular basis.  This normally includes reports that are of importance for the business owner to make decisions and determine profitability.

Accounting software set-up

This service includes the set-up and implementation of an accounting system that complement your business’s needs.  The accounting software we provide is up to date with the latest industry standards and cost effective.   This service may also involve assistance to the client when the client is converting or upgrading to a difference accounting software package.

Accounting staff training

This service involves personal training to accounting staff of the client.  This is normally done on site with a practical approach where the employee uses the information of the client to learn.

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

We offer financial statement drafting services to companies that needs to prepare Annual Financial Statements for audit and reporting purposes.  This service is of importance to the client as financial institutions, SARS, customers, suppliers regularly request annual financial statements.
Annual Financial Statements are drafted to comply with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) or for smaller companies IFRS for SME (International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium size Entities).
We have previously successfully drafted Financial Statements and co-operated with large-tier audit companies.

Part-time Financial Manager

Many small businesses do not have internal capacity or financial resources to justify a highly paid full time Financial Manager.  We have competent and qualified staff that will be able to assist clients on an ad hoc basis in the function as Financial Manager.  With years of experience in different industries, we have seen it all and will be of great value in your existing finance department.


Tax planning

The process of tax planning involves an assessment of the individual and the operations of a company to determine how and where there is room to save tax. There are many ways to legally minimize your tax bill.

Completion and submission of Company, CC and Trust tax returns

Annually, all Companies, CC and Trusts needs to submit an income tax return to SARS. We prepare and submit the income tax return based on the annual financial statements. Upon assessment we ensure that your return was correctly assessed by SARS.

Completion and submission of Individual tax returns

Similar to businesses individuals also need to submit an income tax return annually to SARS. This process has in recent years become increasingly complicated due to tax laws that change on a regular basis. Individuals prefer to leave this task to a professional in case SARS incorrectly assess their returns.

Completion and submission of Company, CC and Trust provisional tax returns

Companies, CC and Trust and certain individuals need to submit a provisional income tax return bi-annually to SARS. The process involves the estimation and calculation of taxable income. We ensure that estimates are calculated correctly and returns submitted on time.

Calculation, completion and submission of VAT returns

This service is performed as part of monthly accounting services. Alternatively, the VAT returns are submitted based on the accounting data maintained by the client. The VAT return is completed and submitted to SARS, with the client only authorising and releasing the VAT payment.

Calculation, completion and submission of Employees tax

This is performed as part of the monthly payroll service. This includes the calculation of PAYE/SDL and UIF. The EMP201 returns are completed and submitted to SARS with the client only releasing the tax payment.

Completion and submission Dividend Withholding Tax

This service is performed when the companies or clients has declared dividends. We complete and submit the DTW declaration to SARS.

Registration as a tax payer

As parts of SARS’s upgrading project, all employees that receive remuneration are required to be registered. We obtain all the information form the client and submit the application to SARS.

VAT vendor registration

All companies with taxable supplies with a turnover exceeding R1mil need to be registered as a VAT vendor. We obtain the information from the client to complete the registration.

Employee registration


SARS E-filing registration


Donations tax


Monthly Payroll

We have specifically designed a monthly payroll service for small and medium companies that do not have the resources to employ a full time payroll administrator.  This service includes the calculation of salary packages, monthly, weekly payslips.

Submission of EMP201

This service is performed as part of the monthly payroll services.  This includes the calculation of PAYE/SDL and UIF.   The returns are completed and submitted to SARS with the client only authorising and releasing the EMP201 payment.

Submission of EMP501

SARS requires a bi- annual reconciliation of earnings to be performed by employers.  We compile and submit the EMP501 reconciliation to SARS.

Generating of IRP5 certificates

This service is performed as part of the bi-annual reconciliation of earnings to be performed by employers.  We electronically generate and submit IRP5 certificates to SARS.

Salary structures

This involves the design of salary packages with different options in benefits and deductions. We advice and design tailored made salary packages to suite different forms of employment contracts.

Secretarial Services

Company registration

This service is normally used by new business owners that want to set up a registered trade entity.  This is also required by current business owners that want to expand or open new businesses.  We complete and submit of the required returns to CIPC.

Annual return submission to CIPC

  • It is required by law that all Companies and CC are required to submit an annual return to CIPC disclosing the company’s information and any changes thereto.
  • Submission of Compulsory Compliance Checklist

Maintenance of company statutory documentation and amendments

This includes the following:

  • Appointment and resignation of directors
  • Changes in shareholding of a company
  • Name changes
  • Year-end changes

CC amendments

Often CC requires changes and amendments to be made to the CC name, current member’s interest and details.


  • Business planning
  • Budgeting/forecasting and cash flow projections
  • Development and assessment of internal controls systems and business processes
  • Due diligence procedures

Other Services

  • Stocktake observations
  • Commodity and share traders tax returns
  • Client-specific procedures, Fraud investigation, Payroll audits, Fixed assets audits, Fixed assets registers, Account reconciliations etc.
  • Development and assessment of internal controls systems and business processes
  • Property trust accounting
  • Police clearance applications for foreigners living abroad

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